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Mile Time trial Results

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Better late than never these are the results from this years time trial.


400 800 1200 1600 Mile
Rob 83 85 86 83 5:37
Dave 90 95 99 1:43 6:23
Courtney 92 92 95 89 6:06
Charles 87 91 92 91 6:02
Erika 93 96 97 96 6:25
Lisa 98 1:44 1:50 1:49 7:03
Lois 1:59 2:05 2:08 2:00 8:12
Jim 98 1:44 1:48 1:46 6:56

Workout 05-31

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Since most of us are running a mile race on Saturday, we’ll do an abbreviated workout today. We’ll get a little speed without adding too much fatigue.

8-10 X200 @ mile 200 jog rest

We’ll do an extra long cool down of 2-3 miles, to add a little distance to an otherwise short workout.

Workout 10-18

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

We’ll do this one once more before the end of the year.  If you’re racing on Sat/Sun we’ll reduce the volume so you’re not fatigued.  If you’re racing a marathon Sat/Sun you’ll do none.

2 x 1600m @ LT,

2 x 1200m @ 10K,

1 x   800m @ 5K-3K,

all with 1 minute or under (100m) jog

Workouts 7-07 and 7-14

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

I’m on vacation the next two weeks.  So I’m providing some workouts if you’d like to get together and do the track workouts.


Warm up 15-20 min
6 X 100 strides
3-6 X (1000, 400) (10k, 5k) (rest 200 jog after the 1k, 400 after the 400)

Do 1 set for every 10 miles you run per week.

30 = 3
40 = 4
50 = 5
Cool down 10-15 min.


This next one we don’t do too much of it is called a V02 Max workout, this is done at a faster pace than you’re accustomed to, but with longer rest. The rest should be
about the same time as the time of the interval, so 1/2 the distance at a slow jog works well.

Warm up 15-20 min
6 X 100 strides
3-6 X (800 5k pace (400 rest) 400 3k pace (200 Rest))

Target 8% of your weekly Mileage, one set per 10 miles a week.

30 = 3
40 = 4
50 = 5
Cool down 10-15 min.

Workout 7-03

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

It looks like the promised thunderstorms are going to miss us.  However as a general rule we’ll run in anything but lightning or hurricane.

It is going to be hot, so we’ll focus on shorter faster intervals where you don’t have time to accumulate too much body temp.  In the heat it is not uncommon, to be much slower on your splits.  Listen to how your feeling, if it feels like mile/5k pace then the your physiological effort is right regardless of the clock time.

5 x 400m @ 5K,

5 x 300m @ 3K,

5 x 200m @ Mile.

All with 200m jog.

5 x 100m @ about 800 pace w/ 100m jog.

Workout 6-19

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Many people will be doing the 26×1 mile race this Saturday so we don’t want to tire out out, but we do want to turn your legs over a bit to tune you up and lock in your pace.  You should all have a very good understanding of your mile race pace at this point.


Normal warm up and strides.

6×200 @ Start at mile race pace, then each two go 1-2 seconds faster.

There is a catch though, you have to have 2 consecutive 200’s at your mile race pace +/- 1 second before you’re allowed to go any faster.

Then more strides

Normal warm down


If you’re not doing the Mile (or another Sat race), more or less the same only we’ll up the volume.

12-16 200’s / start at mile then after each set of 3-4  go faster by 1-2 seconds.

Mile Results

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

There is no better way to know your true fitness, that to do a race effort.

Great work for everyone on the Mile time trial.  Here are the results.

Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Finish
Ryan 1:25 2:53 4:15 5:31
Chris 1:28 2:56 4:20 5:34
Rob 1:26 2:54 4:20 5:38
Tom 1:29 2:56 4:20 5:41
Lee 1:27 2:53 4:27 5:55
Dave 1:29 2:58 4:34 6:09
Paul 1:32 3:08 4:45 6:19
Katherine 1:35 3:12 4:47 6:22
Ginny 1:37 3:20 5:05 6:50

And here are the individual lap split times.  This is a good way to know where you need to focus attention, or alter strategy.

Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4
Ryan 1:25 1:28 1:22 1:16
Chris 1:28 1:28 1:24 1:14
Rob 1:26 1:28 1:26 1:18
Tom 1:29 1:27 1:24 1:21
Lee 1:27 1:26 1:34 1:28
Dave 1:29 1:29 1:36 1:35
Paul 1:32 1:36 1:37 1:34
Katherine 1:35 1:37 1:35 1:35
Ginny 1:37 1:43 1:45 1:45


Ryan, Chris and Rob could probably pick an overall faster pace, as they clearly had a lot left.

Tom was the only person to run negative splits every lap, so he clearly can run much faster than this.

Lee’s splits were pretty even with the exception of the 3rd lap, so he needs to focus extra hard on the 3rd lap.

Dave started at the suggested pace, but then faded in the 2nd half.  We probably need to start him a bit slower, like 1:31-1:32.

Paul needs to stay more controlled on the first lap, other than that his pace was pretty consistent.

Katherine had the most consistent laps of anyone I’ve seen do a mile for the first time.  A total of only 2 seconds difference over 4 laps!  I think she could probably ratchet the pace down a few seconds a lap, and get under 6:20.

Ginny like Paul went out too fast, but then stayed pretty consistent.  If she can reign herself in by about 5 seconds on the first lap, she could probably shave 5-10 seconds off her time.


Now that you’re all milers here is how the pro’s do it.  The 1500 meter USA Women’s final from 2011 with one of my favorite runners Morgan Uceny (who btw lives in Boston now)

Workout 5-29

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

We’ve done lots of Tempo stuff so it is time to go a bit faster.  This would be considered a VO2 max workout.

8-12 X 400  Starting at 5k pace and every 2-3 go 2 seconds faster until we get to mile-3k pace

It is okay to start these a little too slow, please don’t start too fast or you’ll dig yourself a hole.


Split the 400s into 4 sets of either 2 or 3 and increase the pace by 2 seconds each set.

Volume is based on your weekly mileage about 8% of your typical mileage should be about right, unless you haven’t been doing track workouts all along then we’ll drop you a bit.



Workout 5-08

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Road Racers:

2 X 1 Mile @ LT

2 X 1200 @ LT – 2

1 X 800 @ LT – 4 (10k pace)

1 X 400 @ LT – 8 (5k pace)

If you run less than 35 MPW  either drop one of the 1200′s or the 800/400


Those running less than 20 MPW:

Pace is comfortably hard, not all out and not a jog.

2 x 400 400 jog rest

4 x 200 200 jog rest

Workout 04-25

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

If you ran the Boston Marathon, you’re not welcome except as honored guests and maybe to do the warm up.

It is going to be cool and windy tonight, so we’ll do some tempo work to minimize the time to cool off.

3-5X1600 @LT (60 second rest)

Target 10% of your weekly mileage (3 = 30 mpw 5=5 mpw)

For Larry and Gina and others that are focusing on shorter races.




200 Jog rest between everything (you can take more rest if you need it), at Mile race pace.


Lets relive Meb winning Boston one more time: