Workout 08-15


This is called the Michigan, so named because it is a staple workout done by the University of Michigan. It is a little complicated.

1200 @ 10k pace

2-3 min jog rest to the start of a mostly grassy mile

1 Mile @ LT over hills and fields, this is by feel and should be comfortably uncomfortable you will return to the track

2-3 min jog rest

800 @ 5k pace

2-3 min jog rest

1 Mile @ LT (grassy)

2-3 min jog rest

400 @ as fast as you can

We’ll map out a reasonable loop for the mile @LT during our warm up.

(FYI there are other versions that start with a longer first interval 1600, 1200, 800, 400 etc)

Summary (2 min easy walk jog between each)

1600 @ 10K -Start here if you want a challenge and are running at least 45 miles a week

1 mile @ LT (grass)

1200 @ 10K – everyone else start here

1 mile @ LT (grass)

800 @ 5k

1 mile @ LT (grass)

400 @ all out


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