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Workout 10-17

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

I’m planning on having our final workout outdoors the week before Thanksgiving on 11/21.

I think it would be neat to have our final outdoor workout, be a mile time trial/race.



15 Min warm up

3-5 X (1000 @10k, 400 @5k)

200 rest after the 1000, 400 rest after the 400.

Do one set for every 10 miles you run a week.

(30 mpw = 3)

For this week we’ll get our inspiration from Jenny Simpson:

If you go to the Boston Indoor games in February, there is a good chance you can see her run.




Workout 10-03

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013


Warm up 15-20 minutes.

6 x 100 strides

8-12 x 400m w/ 90 seconds (200m) jog.  Starting at 5k pace and progressing to mile pace.  It is only a 400, so you’ll be tempted to go too fast, control yourself or you’ll pay later.

If you want to start at the same place just jog the whole turn then turn around and jog back.

Break the 400′s into 4 sets, if your doing 12 that would be sets of 3, 16 sets of 4 etc…

1st Set @ 5k pace

2nd Set @ 5k  -2 seconds

3rd Set @ 5k -4 seconds (this is about 3k pace)

4th Set @ 5k  -6 seonds (this is about mile pace)

The progression should take you to about Mile pace.

Target 8-10% of your weekly mileage.

20 MPW or less: 6-8 x 400

30 MPW: 10-12 x 400

40 MPW: 12-14 x 400

50 MPW or more : 14-16 x 400

Warm down 10-15 minutes.


Some paces for common Attendees.

Ed (91-92) for 5k

Dave (1:40) for 5k

Dorota/Courtney (1:49-1:50) 5k