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Workouts 06-11 and 06-18

Sunday, June 7th, 2015

I’m on vacation for the next two workouts so here are some workouts you can do.

Workout 1

Warm up 15-20 min

6 X 100 strides

3-6 X (1000, 400) (10k, 5k) (rest 200 jog after the 1k, 400 after the 400)

(remember there is about 3-4 seconds per 400 difference  between 10k and 5k pace)

Do 1 set for every 10 miles you run per week.

30 = 3

40 = 4

50 = 5

Cool down 10-15 min


Workout 2

Since many of you are doing the mile relay, this is a milers workout.

4X400@ mile race pace (full recovery)

8X200@ Start at mile race pace, go 1 second faster every 2 200’s never getting faster than 5 seconds faster than mile race pace (200 recovery should be plenty)

Full recovery is just what it sounds like, you take enough recovery so you can do the next interval at the prescribed pace.  This could start at 200m and get to 400m as the workout proceeds.

I know everyone is capable of doing this much faster than mile pace, don’t.  Stick to your mile race pace, going faster adds very little training benefit, and additional stress you don’t need.  This will already feel like a faster workout than you’re use to.


Workout 06-04

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

60 second or 100m rest between everything

2 x 1600m @ LT,

2 x 1200m @ 10K,

1 x   800m @ 5K-3K