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Workout 5-28

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

New location this week at 6:30

Stoneham High track

149 Franklin St
Stoneham, MA 02180

10-12X400 rest 200 after each one.

Split these into 4 sets, so if you were doing 12.

4@5k Pace

4@5k -2-3 seconds

4@5k -4-5 seconds (3k pace)

4@5k- 6-8 seconds (almost mile pace)

Target 8% of your weekly mileage  50Mpw = 12  40Mpw =10

Mile time trial results

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

5 Runners took up the mile challenge.  Here are the results:

Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4 Finish VDOT
Ed 1:23 1:25 1:24 1:26 5:38 52
Katherine 1:26 1:31 1:32 1:33 6:02 48
Dave 1:32 1:39 1:43 1:42 6:36 43
Andy 1:36 1:40 1:49 1:41 6:46 43
Ginny 1:44 1:48 1:47 1:43 7:02 40

Additionally Three others took up time trials on their own. And the associated VDOT values associated with the performances.

Mike S. 5:42  51

Chris H 5:38 52

Erica 21:36 5k at Lake Q 45


Ed, had some nice even splits and looked well…like Ed… relaxed strong and focused.  We’re so used to watching Ed run well, we just kind of expect it.

Katherine improved her mile time from 6:17 last year to 6:02, which is a huge improvement, steady training and regular speed work has clearly shown dividends.  I have no doubt with a lack of obstacles on the track and maybe a competitor or two she’d break 6 min.  Apart from the first somewhat fast lap, very even splits.

Dave was shooting for 6:15 pace, but after the first lap was never really on pace.  I think Dave has lost some fitness due to ankle issues and an overall lower volume of training these last few months.  I have no doubt that his endurance will improve quickly when he refocuses on adding more miles.

Andy had the most trying of time trials.  I gave him an ambitious 6:30-6:35 pace and he went out right on target.  You’ll notice lap 3 is significantly slower, this is due to Andy being collided with by a boy playing football on the track, despite being spoken to exactly one lap previously.  Despite this Andy soldiered on and finished strong,  I’m going to deduct 9 seconds for the collision and recovery and call this a 6:37.

Ginny was shooting for 7 min and did exactly that. Similar to Katherine, those 2 seconds would easily be recovered without the obstacle course like atmosphere at Pine banks.

Excellent job by all.  What is running if we don’t occasionally test our limits?

After last nights debacle, I’m about ready to move the workouts to a different track.  It troubles me deeply that the Melrose track is no longer usable for the sport of Track and Field, the incident last night was entirely predicable and preventable and rather than continue to hope that people will get it, after being spoken to multiple times, I’ve given up.  I don’t want my athletes to get a stupid injury, and I’m sick of trying to educate people on good track etiquette.

Workout 5-21-2015

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Mile Time Trial:

I could use an extra pair of hands to record results, and splits, any takers?

This is optional.  If you’ve been doing the workouts all along I encourage you to do it.  The purpose is to give us a real baseline for future workouts and to practice at the intense focus you’ll need to get your optimal performance.  If you have a long history of competitive running, this will be less useful for you, but you may want to jump in anyway.

If you’ve never raced a mile before, don’t be intimidated, this is just a fitness test.  If you make a mistake, it is a learning experience.  That being said, please give it a full all out effort.  You will need to bring extra focus to this, if during a 5k you allow yourself to day dream about mile 2, that won’t work here.

The optimal way to run a fast mile is for all four laps to be the same split, this can be very difficult to accomplish, since your effort will have to ratchet up after each lap.  I will scream my head off at you, don’t talk to me you need all your oxygen.

Lap 1: Control your pace, don’t go out too fast.  Know what split you want to run take 1/2 of that and check it at the 200 meter mark.  If your off, there is still time to recover.  Don’t over adjust, slightly more or less effort will be enough.

Lap 2: The effort that had you breeze through lap 1, is going to need some extra effort here.  You should need to push some to maintain your pace.

Lap 3: This is where you will need to use all your reserves, this is the hardest lap in the mile.  Extra focus, extra effort.  At the same time keep your form together, even when you’re fatigued.  Think focused and relaxed, and push like hell.

Lap 4: This will be a blur, you will be so tired you don’t believe you’re going to make, but it is only 400m to go.  If you’ve got anything left start winding up a kick with 200 to go, with 150 to go unleash it.  You don’t need oxygen anymore, you can go into debt.  Use the form we’ve been working on during strides.  Swing those arms as far as they will go, they will carry you down the final stretch, don’t let your head get wobbly.  If you time it perfectly, you’ll nearly pass out as you cross the finish line.

Congratulations you’re a miler.

It can take many attempts to do this race correctly, don’t be too hard on yourself if you make a mistake or two on your first attempt.

Afterward: Walk a lap or two catch your breath.  Tell some war stories.

If you do more than 30 miles a week, we’ll add on 4 X 200 @ about Mile pace and then a normal warm down.

Workout 05-14-15

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

These paces after 5k going to feel fast, I want to give you a feel for mile race pace prior to our time trial next week.

4X400 @ 5k pace 200 slow jog recovery

2X400 @ 3k pace  200 slow jog recovery

2X400 @ 1 mile pace full recovery

4X200 @ 1 mile pace full recovery

Full recovery means whatever time you need to complete the next interval at the same speed, as you get more fatigued you will need more recovery, take it even if your partners are ready to go.


Workout 05-07-2015

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Warm up and strides

3-6×800 @ 10k 200 rest between each

400 jog rest after the set

4×400 @ 5k pace 200 rest after each

4X200 @ 3k-Mile pace 200 rest

Base the number of 800’s on your MPW 3=30 4=40 5=50 6=60


Group B:
For those that run less than 25 miles a week or are brand new to doing track workouts.

4-6 Strides