Workout 6-19

Many people will be doing the 26×1 mile race this Saturday so we don’t want to tire out out, but we do want to turn your legs over a bit to tune you up and lock in your pace.  You should all have a very good understanding of your mile race pace at this point.


Normal warm up and strides.

6×200 @ Start at mile race pace, then each two go 1-2 seconds faster.

There is a catch though, you have to have 2 consecutive 200’s at your mile race pace +/- 1 second before you’re allowed to go any faster.

Then more strides

Normal warm down


If you’re not doing the Mile (or another Sat race), more or less the same only we’ll up the volume.

12-16 200’s / start at mile then after each set of 3-4  go faster by 1-2 seconds.

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