Workout 8-29

This week you have a choice.  Are you training for a Marathon in 6-8 weeks?  You may want to start doing the marathon strength workouts.



Warm up 15-20 minutes

Strides 6 x 100

Cool down 10-15 min

Marathon Workout:

About 6-8 weeks out from a Marathon, is a good time to start shifting from speed work 5k-10k pace to strength work.  These workouts take a long time.  Pace is 10 seconds a mile faster than your target Marathon pace.  If your target pace for a marathon is 3:20, that equals 7:38 pace, you’d do the intervals at 7:28 pace.  They will seem a lot slower than you’re use to, but the volume is about double what you’re use to.


6 x 1 mile @ (MP -10 seconds) (400 meter rest)

Since it is likely to be dark before you finish this, I can be at the track earlier to get the Marathoners started if you like.


Road Racers:

2 X 1 Mile @ LT

2 X 1200 @ LT – 2

1 X 800 @ LT – 4 (10k pace)

1 X 400 @ LT – 8 (5k pace)

If you run less than 35 MPW  either drop one of the 1200’s or the 800/400


Those running less than 20 MPW:

Pace is comfortably hard, not all out and not a jog.

2 x 400 400 jog rest

4 x 200 200 jog rest


2 Responses to “Workout 8-29”

  1. Ed Bradford says:

    Can’t make it this week – moving my kid into his college dorm. Have fun.

  2. Dave M says:

    Will be there …