Workout 9-5

We’ll have a smaller group due to many people running lake Winni this weekend.



warm up 15-20 min

6×100 strides


2×3 miles @ MP -10 sec per mile.  (4-6 min jog rest between)

For this one if you’re doing it at pine banks I’d recommend doing 800 at the track to get the pace down then do a complete lap of the Pine banks, it is almost exactly 2.5 miles.  You want to keep the pace as smooth and relaxed as possible.


Road Racers:

4-6 X 1200 @ LT pace (60-90 second rest)

1×800 First lap at 5k pace 2nd lap at 3k pace.


Those doing less than 20 miles a week:






10-15 min cool down.


3 Responses to “Workout 9-5”

  1. Dave M says:

    I’ll be there, although I may bug-out a little early this week.

  2. Leon Romprey says:

    I’ll be there. Will probably start a little bit earlier for my warmup. Thanks Mike.

  3. Joe Winslow says:

    I am out tonight.