Workout 8-1

I am away a running camp in VT, learning lots. We will be dining lots of new stuff when I return. In my abscence here is a workout you can do. 


Warm up stride as etc

4-7 x (800m @ 10K, 200m jog, 400m @ 5K, full recovery [400m jog]).


Target 8% of weekly mileage: 40 mpw = 4-5, 50 mpw = 5-6, 60 mpw = 6-7 sets.


3 Responses to “Workout 8-1”

  1. Leon Romprey says:

    Thanks Mike. I can’t make it Thursday but will be there on Friday around 5:40pm if anyone is interested in joining me.

  2. Ed Bradford says:

    I’m in for the regular time. Can’t make it Friday Lee.

  3. Joe Winslow says:

    I’m in.