Workout 5-16

Last week there were 3 hearty runners that joined me in the rain for the workout.  What was a significant downpour turned into light rain, and then cool and overcast, really perfect for running.  Unless there is hail, or an obvious lightning storm, I’ll be at the track.



15-20 minute warm up

6×100 strides

Mile Time Trial:

I could use an extra pair of hands to record results, and splits, any takers?

This is optional.  If you’ve been doing the workouts all along I encourage you to do it.  The purpose is to give us a real baseline for future workouts and to practice at the intense focus you’ll need to get your optimal performance.  If you have a long history of competitive running, this will be less useful for you, but you may want to jump in anyway.

If you’ve never raced a mile before, don’t be intimidated, this is just a fitness test.  If you make a mistake, it is a learning experience.  That being said, please give it a full all out effort.  You will need to bring extra focus to this, if during a 5k you allow yourself to day dream about mile 2, that won’t work here.

The optimal way to run a fast mile is for all four laps to be the same split, this can be very difficult to accomplish, since your effort will have to ratchet up after each lap.  I will scream my head off at you, don’t talk to me you need all your oxygen.

Lap 1: Control your pace, don’t go out too fast.  Know what split you want to run take 1/2 of that and check it at the 200 meter mark.  If your off, there is still time to recover.  Don’t over adjust, slightly more or less effort will be enough.

Lap 2: The effort that had you breeze through lap 1, is going to need some extra effort here.  You should need to push some to maintain your pace.

Lap 3: This is where you will need to use all your reserves, this is the hardest lap in the mile.  Extra focus, extra effort.  At the same time keep your form together, even when you’re fatigued.  Think focused and relaxed, and push like hell.

Lap 4: This will be a blur, you will be so tired you don’t believe you’re going to make, but it is only 400m to go.  If you’ve got anything left start winding up a kick with 200 to go, with 150 to go unleash it.  You don’t need oxygen anymore, you can go into debt.  Use the form we’ve been working on during strides.  Swing those arms as far as they will go, they will carry you down the final stretch, don’t let your head get wobbly.  If you time it perfectly, you’ll nearly pass out as you cross the finish line.

Congratulations you’re a miler.

It can take many attempts to do this race correctly, don’t be too hard on yourself if you make a mistake or two on your first attempt.

Afterward: Walk a lap or two catch your breath.  Tell some war stories.

If you do more than 30 miles a week, we’ll add on 3-4 X 400 @ 3k-5k pace and then a normal warm down.

If you do less than 30 miles a week, go for an extra long extra slow warm down.  At least 25 minutes.


Others Options:

If you’re opting out of the Mile, and for some of you this make sense.

Group A:

(1600, 1200, 1000, 800, 600) @ 10k pace recovery equal to 1/2 the time of the interval (1/4 of the distance is a good estimate).  Total interval distance should be about 8% of your weekly mileage, we can add and remove intervals depending on your mileage.

Group B:

4 X 400 @ Mile pace + 2 seconds per lap. Full lap recovery in between each


5 Responses to “Workout 5-16”

  1. Joe Winslow says:

    I will not be able to make it this week. Bummer! I will do the “Group A” workout over the weekend and hopefully do the 1 mile next week.

  2. Leon Romprey says:

    I’ll be able to help you record the spltz. See you there.

  3. Jennifer Rapaport says:

    I will not be attending either this week. I did a workout on Wednesday and am attending a friends son’s soccor game tonight.

  4. Ed Bradford says:

    Great description of the mile – I’m in for all parts except the pass out part in Lap 4 (I hope).

  5. Larry Donoghue says:

    I am in! See you tonight.