Workout 08-23

4-7 x 1200 @ LT pace 100 meters or about 1 min rest between

For those of you who have not done a LT paced workout, the pace should be about the pace you could maintain for a 1 hour race, some people describe it as comfortably uncomfortable.  You can also calculate it by taking your current 5k pace and adding 8 seconds per 400 to it.  It is important to not go too fast in the first one, as the rest is very short.

Some of us raced last night, and it is okay (depending on your fitness) to do a workout the day after a hard effort like that, but the two should be dissimilar efforts.  Last night, we were doing about 5k effort or a VO2 type workout, so following that with an LT workout is preferable to another VO2 type effort.  You may need to take a very easy Friday or off if your doing hard efforts back to back like this.  It is also okay to reduce the volume and or pace of this workout given the fatigue you may have from the race.

Target about 10% of your weekly mileage

30 MPW = 4

40 MPW = 5-6

50 MPW = 6-7

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