No matter your gender, your age, your race, or your pace, there is a place for you at the Melrose Running Club. To better show who we are, below you'll find some information to describe who we are, where we're from and what we do.

The Melrose Running Club currently has 258 registered members. Of these runners 61.2% are female and 38.8% male.The largest demographic group in the club is women in their 40s which comprises 19.4% of the club.

MRC Membership by Age and Gender

You don't have to live in Melrose to be a part of the Melrose Running Club. Although most of our members do live here, we have members that live as far away as New Hampshire. The plot below shows the top ten cities our members come from.

MRC Membership by City
No matter how old or where from, we all have one thing in common, a shared enthusiasm for running. We run regularly on Tuesday Nights, we run at the track on Thursdays, and run our long runs on Sunday Mornings, and we run road races. Lots of them. Road racing isn't a requirement to be an MRC member, but many of our members participate in road races regularly as a way to measure their ability and support our sport. Our members range from competitive to back of the pack racers participating in local 5Ks, nationally known marathons, and relay teams, as well as an occasional triathlon or ultra-marathon. All your racing experiences as an MRC member will be logged here at for your convenience. The next plot shows the number of miles MRC members ran in road races each calendar year.

MRC Membership Race Miles Per Year
Individual membership fees are $30 per year while a family membership is $50. Membership fees are due upon joining the club and are renewable each year on January 1st. If you have any questions regarding MRC memberships feel free to e-mail the Melrose Running Club Membership Coordinator at

Before registering as a member of the Melrose Running Club, you must read, understand and agree to abide by the following three documents.


Hosted by, you can now register online. Click the link below to jump to the MRC Online Registration page at Enter your membership information and pay your registration fee by credit card or bank withdrawal.

Click the link below to download a Melrose Running Club Membership Application. Fill out the application and mail it, along with a check for membership fees, to the address indicated on the application.

Melrose Running Club - PO Box 761022 - Melrose, Massachusetts -