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The Melrose Running Club 2024 MRC Challenges
	The 2024 LAPhabet Challenge
		Starting with your Last Initial...
    	During your run find the a street that has a word with your letter
		As long as...
			Nobody has earned a letter from that street already
			Your total run distance is at least a mile
			Your GPS records that you ran on that street
			For X, any city that starts or ends with an X counts
    	Once your run is loaded, search for your letter using the ↺ button
            Wait 1 minute for the run to be searched
            review the list of streets run and see if you earned a letter
            If you did, your letter will increment to the next letter in the alphabet
            Note, only one letter can be earned per run.
        Continue to earn a letter per run and lap the alphabet, once, twice, or many times!
	January Streak into the New Year Challenge
		Run at least one continous mile each day in the month of January
        Run can be inside or outside
    February 100 Mile Challenge
    	Rack up the miles in the short month towards goals of 50, 75, and 100 miles
    March Scrabble Challenge
        Earn points for the highest scoring city you ran in on that day
        Once you score with a city, that one cannot be reused for 7 days
        Runs must be outdoors to count
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        If you have a social media account using a matching email to your MRC registration, use it
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    How do I join a challenge? 
    	Check the boxes for the challenges you want to join 
        Uncheck it if you want to leave the challenge
    How do I load a run?
    	Strava is the preferred way to load the run
        If you do not have a Strava account join
        Connect your Strava account and press Load Run
    What if I do not want to Strava? 
    	You can export GPX or TXC files from your fitness tracker and manually upload them
    Can I use my Apple Watch? 
    	Yes, but you will need to convert your FIT files to GPX files for upload
        Or you can connect your Apple health data to Strava
    Can I run on my treadmill? 
    	Yes for the Streak and Miles Challenges
        No for the ABC Challenge or the Elevation Challenge

1 day ago

The March Scrabble Challenge!

1) Run
2) Load your run
3) Score your run with the circle arrow
4) Little map elves figure out what towns you ran in
[step 4 isn’t fully working yet]
5) Angry elves take away towns that you earned a score on in the past week
[that’s not working to exclude multiple runs per day for those that like to do that]
6) In Scrabble you have to play a word off another word, so towns must share a letter with your last scored on town, like Melrose and Wakefield share an E and L so you can get points, Boston and Wakefield don’t share any letters so you wouldn’t get points for Wakefield the run after Boston.
7) Little math elves figure out what each remaining town’s score would be with Scrabble tiles
8 ) You earn that many points for that day
9 ) Repeat throughout the month

Note: your towns block you from rerunning for a week, they don’t block others. See you all in Manchester By The Sea sometime soon!
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21 hours ago

Lap two, complete! 🥳 See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

Happy Leap Day!

We have 9 runners who have made it past 100 miles, 3 more will make it with a run today, Gayle, Jessica, and Thuy! For 75 milers, we have 4 runners that completed that goal. Another runner made 50, and Rachael is within a 5 mile running of making it too. A few others would have to squeeze in a long run to get there.

For March we’ll be playing a word game: Scrabble. Each run you do you’ll earn points for the town with the highest Scrabble points score. You can only get one Scrabble score per day. Once you’ve scored from a town you can’t score from that town again for a week. Also like Scrabble, your next word has to share a letter with another word, in this game the last town you scored with. For instance, if you go run Zzyxz, California (a 42 point town!) it would only count if your previous town scored with had a z, x, or y.

The Scrabble game starts tomorrow, but the scoreboard and scoring program won’t be ready until Saturday (I’m busy). If you have questions on how it works, ask here.
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1 day ago

After finding out the hard way that someone else already ran an O in my neighborhood, I’ve learned to check the “done” list before I run now. I had to run twice on Wednesday to get the O! Today I got the P with one try on Pagum St. See MoreSee Less
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1 day ago

Video of me looking for W street today.

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1 day ago

Lincoln for “L” & Saugus for Scrabble (i think) See MoreSee Less
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1 day ago

Laphabet is getting Old (Essex)… time to Scrabble things up in Manchester by the Sea See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

🥇 115 February miles
🏃🏼‍♂️ 62nd streak month
🚸 Fairmount St for my 3rd F
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2 days ago

Saved by leap day…
💯miles for Feb✅
60 days streak✅
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2 days ago

Congrats to everyone who made it to 100+ miles in February 🥇Also to everyone who made the cuts 🥈🥉. I was planning to get to 100 miles but a lower back injury put me off the roads 🏃🏻‍♀️ for almost two weeks. I am happy with my silver medal 🥈. Here photo of the culprit 🤣 we are still learning running together and the last time we ran, she pulled me too much. I have put our runs on hold until after London Marathon.

Also, just a friendly reminder to check the unavailable letters before your runs. Today I ran Tapan and Trenton streets in Melrose and both were taken (Jim Thuy stop running near my house 🤣🤣🤣)

I am ready for the March challenge 💪 …. if I ever understand it 🤣
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