Posted by Liz tassinari on December 03, 2019 at 10:36:

Mill Cities Relay-here is the scoop:
We have 6 teams! Each runner is responsible for 3 dozen cookies. Each team has a captain who is responsible for working with the team to get the runners to their starts and having enough cars (usually 2 per team) and collecting $20 PP. that money will go back to the club, as they paid for the 6 teams up front.

I am looking for someone willing to get the bought cookies delivery from Nick in Melrose on Saturday morning......

Also if anyone has a fast team or is available to take cookies to the Claddagh on the early side Sunday morning.

Here are the teams: * denotes captain
Hot Toddies: Amy, Megan, Cynthia *, Dorothy, Gail
Here comes trouble: JenElise*,Mike,Lois, Pam and Jim
Los 5 Amigos: Diana, Maria*,Jose,AJ,Daniel
Birds of a feather: Linda, Sue W, Duncan, Paul*,Lynda
A mixed bag: Andrea Twomey, Christine Derse, Matt Kerton*,Bernard, Andy Brown
The guys! And one other: Dan, Brian, Lou, Joe, Christi Osborne Taylor

Let me know if you have questions. I can only make edits on the order of the teams til Fri Dec 6. I should have numbers and slap bands tonight or before start of race in Nashua Sunday morning, if we don’t connect tonight. Thanks Liz

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