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Melrose Running Club
Board Meeting Notes 10/22/19

Derm Cahill, Liz Tassinari, Marty Hergert, Haecha Donnelly, Thuy Dang, Matt Sazama, Andy Nagelin, Liz Hecht, Julie Galvin, Regina Curran, Rebecca Hughes & Mike Sikkema.

BAA Boston Marathon numbers
Derm stated he won’t be applying for a bib number this year due to ethical reasons, but wanted to get the number request letter out to the BAA within the week. Letter was generated and reviewed by board members and sent to the BAA on Friday, October 25th. Jim Carson will let Derm know when to announce availability of numbers, etc.

Assault on Mt. Hood
Questions raised on how to respond to race questions about date and time coming in from runners. Per the board, race is always at 12-noon on the 2nd Saturday in December. Only open issue is whether race will be held at the Fish & Game or at the course club house. Brian Slater is working on it, with no resolution as of the date of this board meeting.

Halloween fun run
Liz Hecht provided an update on the upcoming fun run, houses participating have been selected and run will be for kids and adults. Costumes are encouraged for all and details will be posted on the club’s Facebook page. Prizes were also discussed for best costume with a $15 gift card for first and discussion of other possible items such as a free pizza, MRC t-shirts, neck gaiters, etc. for 2nd and 3rd place.

Other event dates and activities.
The board also reviewed and approved upcoming dates for the Christmas Lights Run on December 10th, the Winter Solstice run on December 17th, and the Christmas party on January 11th, 2019. Andy provided Liz Hecht a check from MRC funds as a deposit to hold our reservation for the Knights of Columbus-Melrose hall for the night of the Christmas party.

Lesley Moss is considering a Patriots watch party for the afternoon game on Sunday, November 17th. Event would be upstairs at the Knights of Columbus.
For the Christmas Party, the board has noted the need to reserve Mike Hartin as DJ. We also discussed the party awards structure and agreed to keep it the same as in previous years.

The board also discussed a wing cook-off contest to coincide with March Madness.

Liz Hecht agreed to post confirmed dates on club’s Facebook page and website. The board also suggested posting dates earlier than previously done to give potential volunteers more notice

Thanksgiving baskets
Lesley Moss and Hank Murphy are handling this event.

Servant’s Heart Pantry
Julie Galvin will contact Joan at Servant’s heart to review MRC board leadership change and see if any changes needed to list of donations.

Derm led a discussion on ways to increase promotion of this program including yard signs and placing in the Wakefield kiosks. No decision made at this time for ways to do this.

Indoor and outdoor track workouts
The board discussed the possibility of indoor track workouts in the winter. This had been discussed at previous meetings and multiple difficulties arose with it, so this board agreed to table this issue for now. However, Derm suggested increasing promotion and visibility of the summer track workouts. No decision made at this time for ways to do this.

CPR Course
The board had discussed offering this course with Rose Fisher. However, a full course is 4-hrs, too long to fit into a post-Tuesday night run slot. One option is to offer a limited version of the course instead.

Melrose Run For Women
Liz Tassinari is taking care of this race and stated no issues raised so far. Liz is also looking for her replacement as Race Director and would like to get someone soon so she can start the training process with them.

Board Minutes
Secretary will continue to record and transcribe notes from board meetings. Draft copy to be sent to full board for revisions before posting on MRC Forum only.

Membership gift
The board discussed providing MRC singlets as membership gifts. However, objections were raised due to price and that not all members may be comfortable wearing a singlet.

MRC Spirit night.
The board also reviewed adding a MRC Spirit night to the existing WTR graduation. This would involve wearing MRC gear during the run.

Pizza for Pizza and Beer night.
The board discussed raising the cost per member from $4.00 to $5.00 to improve covering of pizza expenses and to speed up the process of making change from bills.

MRC VIP award
The board agreed to retain the award frequency to every two weeks.

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