Posted by Dan Slattery on September 18, 2019 at 09:41:

Good Morning MRC!
Here are your Announcements for Tuesday, 9/17...ICYMI!

1. Walker Turned Runner (WTR) Profile.....Keith Lordan
a. When joined the WTR - 2018
b. Still come consistently because I enjoy the friendships and running for my health as well
c. Favorite MRC moment so far: Howling Wolf road race with other MRC runners. That was the first time I ran in a trail.
d. Something about me the Club doesn't know: I actually have a wife at home!
e. Like to do in spare time: volunteer
f. Favorite food: sh*t on a shingle
g. Favorite movie: Casablanca
h. Favorite musical artist: Eagles
i. Where in the world would you like to go? Would you run a race there? Hawaii, and would definitely run a race there, if i ever got the opportunity.

2. PR’s
MRC - 17th runner joins the 2019 100 Mile Club
Marian Sales
100.9 Miles Run
Completed in 18 races
4th time in the 100 Mile Club

Addison Romprey
Get Your Butt in Gear 5K in Arlington

3. Elections last night and next week!

4. Board Meeting last night - Quarterly notes by month's end.

5. I'll ask this question again, but what can the Club do better or differently in the year ahead?

Have a great day everyone!

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