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Good Morning MRC!
Here are your Announcements from Tuesday, 9/3, ICYMI...

1. WTR (Walker Turned Runner) Profile...
Andrew Di Natale
a. When joined? 3 years ago
b. Still come consistently because...
-> I enjoy running in a group, and it's a great group
c. Favorite MRC moment so far....
-> I never though I'd run more than 3 miles and was able to do 5+. The best part is that I didn't realize it....
d. Like to do in spare time....
-> take things apart and put them back together (computers, mechanical things...)
e. Fav food? All food!
f. Where in the world would you like to go, but haven't been? Would you run a race there?
-> Italy or France...that would be awesome.

2. PR’s
MRC - 2 members set a PR at the Irish American 5k
Ava Curran
New PR: 29:51
Keith Lordan
New PR: 30:40
2019 PRs: 3
MRC - 1 member set a PR at the Irish American 10k
Robert Bruzzese
New PR: 41:40
MRC - 1 member set a PR at the Mt. Greylock 8M Road Race
Brian Walfield
New PR: 1:18:51

3. Victorian Fair 2019 – 9/8
-> Message Lesley Moss or email her at to help volunteer for a short shift!

4. CPR Session now in October, but planning for Clean Up Run this month!

5. Elections in 2 weeks!

6. PizzaGate
-> Apologies on the no pizza last night. My bad.
We will have FREE PIZZA this coming Tuesday the 10th!

7. New Banner!
-> Many thanks to Bethany Mayo and her company, Gigunda Group for such great work! Good luck Bethany at the Switzerland Marathon!

-> the final VIP is Mike Quigley!

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