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Good Morning MRC.
The Board, over the past 6 months, has deliberated the MRC Guidelines for a Boston Marathon Number.
The 3 recipients this past year were all deserving, and all applicants were reviewed under the same set of rules.
This said, we endeavor to improve all processes within the Club, and this received some attention. We have moved, for the time being, to a strictly merit based system.
I felt a strong need to provide the membership the updated guidelines framework no later than today. While the attached remains, to a small extent, a work in progress, the guidelines that encourage volunteerism pervade all events and races. The Assault on Mt. Hood and Walk To Run Programs, for example, still need stated tiered participation levels, but members can refer to the Melrose Run for Women for guidance on how those coordinators will assess merit and contribution.
Thanks to Charles Brinkman and the Board or their work on this guidelines update, and to you all, for your feedback on this process, and interest in making this Club the best around!

MRC Guidelines for a Boston Marathon Number
The board voted to make the following changes to the BAA Boston Marathon bid selection process.
Eliminate the discretionary bid and make the awarding of BAA #s strictly merit-based with points awarded for the following:
a. Tiered levels of participation in the following events (e.g. being a race Captain (5 pts) vs handing out flowers (1 point)):
i. Melrose Run for Women (Race Director: Liz)
1. Team leader (registration, tshirts, food, publicity, course, site, volunteer, kids race, sponsorship) 10 points
2. Assisting Team leader-must attend meetings and/or provide significant assistance prior to the race day 5 points
3. Volunteer-must sign up with volunteer coordinator for tracking. Days before or Day of 2 points
4. Contributor-contribute goods or supplies to race 1point
ii. Assault on Mt. Hood (Brian)
iii. Victorian Fair (TBD)
iv. MRC Walk to Run Program (Nick)
v. MRC Relay coordination (Mill Cities) - TBD
vi. EMARC Race (TBD)
b. Additional non-tiered points
i. Current role as an MRC Club Officer
c. Additional Minimum Requirements:
i. Membership in the MRC for at least 2 years.
ii. Not having been received a BAA number from MRC for any of the past 3 consecutive Boston Marathons
iii. Annual Membership Dues paid up
iv. Completion of a previous marathon in under 6 hours or half marathon in under 3 hours
2. As part of the above, eliminate individual board member voting for candidates, other than for tie-breakers. In the event that two or more candidates have the same # of merit-based points, and not all bids have been already awarded to candidates with more points, the following will occur:
a. Each board member will have 5 (subject to change) # of votes and will indicate each of those votes on a separate piece of paper
b. All pieces of paper with candidate names will be placed into a receptacle and a number of unique candidate names will be pulled out of the hat to correspond with the remaining number of available bids, until all bids have been awarded
3. Reporting participation in the aforementioned events is now the responsibility of each candidate. Recording and tracking that participation will be the responsibility of the board, specifically the Race Director or organizer for each even. For example:
a. When an event is complete, each candidate who participated will send an email to the Board indicating that they took part.
b. The Race Director/event organizer will confirm receipt with the candidate, will record the level of participation of all candidates who took part in that event, and will update the board.
(Liz, Brian, Nick, any volunteers for the events without an organizer…)
Each Race Director/Organizer must define participation levels for their event (ideally 3 max) and report back to the board. Suggestions below:
Race Director/Organizer (10 points)
Race Captain (5 points)
Contributor (1 point)

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