Posted by Dan Slattery on January 24, 2019 at 11:49:

1. Name That Runner...!
a. Where Grew Up? Bangor, ME
b. Schooling - U of Maine
c. Work - Public Sector Market Development. Or just call it marketing.
d. Favorite running moment would have be crossing the Boston Marathon finish line for the first time while holding my daughter's hand.
e. Spare time. That's a tough one. I do spend a little time on social media and run a little bit! I love to home brew and garden and travel.
f. Favorite food is pizza with several close second favorites. I just love food.
g. Movie: It's pretty sappy but the wife and I watch "It's a Wonderful Life" almost every year. It was produced before Sandra Bullock was born!
h. All time favorite artist would be Led Zeppelin.
2. Liz Carmona Tassinari chaired the initial meeting for the Melrose Run For Women (Mother's Day Race) last night.
They will typically fall on the 4th Tuesday of each month.
Please connect with her to see how you can volunteer!
3. Take extra care running on nights like last night with limited sidewalk, and snow/ice.
4. 2 PR's
Courtney Koschei (1:34) and Robert Busby (1:28) set pr's at the Houston Half!
Bonus points awarded for copious amounts of brisket eaten in the hours leading up to the race!

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