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MRC Tuesday Night (12/18/18) Announcements - ICYMI!
1. Name That Runner!
a. Grew up in the Philippines, then moved here with the family and settled in Belmont.
b. I’m an audit coordinator. Your basic professional paper pusher.
c. Favorite running moment: When I run with my friends specially when the run is hard and I think about how tough it would make me.
d. Something MRC may not know: I was over 270 pounds in my early twenties
e. Like to do in spare time: Dance crazy! Watch tv and EAT!
f. Fav food: I LOVE sweet breads. Specially the King Hawaiian sweet bread which I don’t buy anymore.
g. Favorite movie: I have so many favorite movies but for the holidays, It’s A Wonderful Life, Home Alone, Griswold Family Christmas.
I also love The Piano, Memoirs of a Geisha..
h. Fav artist: Whitney Houston, Prince, Janet Jackson, Barry White, Bruno Mars.
For a group, Boyz II Men.
I. I love to karaoke but I will never do it outside. It’s a guilty pleasure. Lol
2. Holiday Party on 1/5 @ 6pm
-> No Kids & pot luck
3. PR Info
MRC - 35th runner joins the 2018 100 Mile Club
Christina DiCalogero
101.4 Miles Run
Completed in 14 races
2nd time in the 100 Mile Club
MRC - 34th runner joins the 2018 100 Mile Club
Jessi Jimenez Marquardt
101 Miles Run
Completed in 9 races
4th time in the 100 Mile Club
MRC - 33rd runner joins the 2018 100 Mile Club
Tara Murphy Beardsley
102.6 Miles Run
Completed in 11 races
1st time in the 100 Mile Club
MRC - 1 member set a PR at the Bill Rodgers Jingle Bell Run 5K
Melissa Rushton
New PR: 35:35
4. By-Laws Club Vote - passed
5. 6. MRC VIP for December
-> Rowena Hakkaoui!
6. Winter Solstice Run
-> Huge Thanks to Kathi Rossi-Roh, Carrie Pitzi, and all who volunteered and hosted! You're all awesome!!
7. No Official Club Runs (KoC closed) on 12/25 or 1/1. The Mystics have welcomed us to join them on Wednesdays 12/26 & 1/2.

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