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Announcements from 7/14 ICYMI
1. Name That Runner!
a. Job: Trained as a Biochemist, was an academic teacher before going to industry
b. Schools: include Northeastern and BU
c. Fav running moment: First marathon ran up in VT in the torrential rain. Couldn’t believe that I was running a distance reserved for super humans and was absolutely loving it.
d. Something MRC doesn’t know about me: I worked many odd jobs in college. I worked as Santa, visiting families on Christmas, made decorative custom bricks, and washed windows in multistory commercial buildings.
e. Fav movie. “Decalogue” short movie series
f. Fav food: cheese, fruit in form of wine and vegetable in form of chocolate
g. Bucket list thing: Learn how to sing. Anyone willing to give voice lessons to a tone deaf?
2. Welcome back Steve!
3. 5k Stride for Healthy Communities
September 29th – Lake Quannapowitt, Wakefield - 9am start
-> Could use around 12 volunteers to help
4.. EMARC Race and Victorian Fair Coming Up – September 9th
a. They will want volunteers!
b. Typically, Jim Carson starts the Sunday Long Run earlier to encourage many of the runners to help with the race/ course/ etc.
5. Halfway to St. Patrick’s 5K
Diána Rachel Hughes and Rebecca Borin Hughes are running this race on September 9th in Roslindale, MA.
a. Please see one of these ladies if interested in forming a team!
6. Red Sox Runners Night – August 28th - tickets ordered
a. Julie Smith Galvin – one more week!
8. Elections late September
If you are interested in running for President, VP, or a position on the MRC Board, please let a current Board Member know and we’ll get you on the ballot. Elections occur late September.
9. Start of run - post announcements
There was a few runners who either didn't seem pleased they weren't running right at 7pm or thought 7:01 was getting late for announcements (Ironically all came to the bar after....).
While I like to wait until 7:02 (for stragglers post work) to start the announcements, if you just can't wait and need to run right at 7pm, go ahead. Just pre-plan for that and be near the exit. Thank you.
10. Falmouth Road Race
Good luck to all running!
Demi Dubois (below right) is running the Falmouth Road Race this Sunday, though is in need of a ride back to Melrose after...can someone help?
Demi, a teacher at BU, is a great conversationalist, and the ride will seem shorter as a result!

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