Posted by Dan Slattery on April 19, 2018 at 12:04:

MRC Board Meeting 4/17/18
1. By-Laws Updated
a. Final tweaks
1. inclusion of succession plan and code of conduct
b. Next steps – Nick just sent out 3rd Draft for review
2. Apparel Update - I have new samples (thanks Lisa/Nicola)
1. sample review to occur on 4/24
3. Events (including Healthy Melrose, Summer Solstice, and Summer Party) Update
3. Mother’s Day Race
a. all good, Katie coordinating volunteers
4. Walk To Run
a. Nick needs volunteers
6. Melrose Access TV
- spoke with Mike Miner today
- taping for “On Main Street” show on Friday, May 4th
- camera will shoot some video next Tuesday the 24th for both “On Main Street” and to provide a short promo video for Club
7. Initiatives with Mayor Inferna
a. sent email today on the following:
a. Melrose Access TV
i. Scheduled to shoot a segment for the upcoming “On Main Street” on Friday the 4th along side Senator Jason Lewis that will educate the city on the Melrose Running Club, etc.
b. Ell Pond Clean Up
i. Happens in October
1. We can wait until August to revisit
c. Memorial Day Parade
i. Do we need to register to march? What would you like us to do for the parade?
1. Need a few volunteers and a banner
d. Birth To 5 Group
i. This was well received
8. Anything you’d like to add? Etc.

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