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Announcements for 4/17/18:
1. Week 3 of "Name That Runner"!
This MRC Member:
a. Is originally from Ipswich
b. Prefers races with good after parties/ beverages (but then, who doesn't?!)
c. Favorite Holiday is Kentucky Derby Day
d. Did Walk To Run in 2010, became full time member in 2013
*First To Respond will win a Pabst Blue Ribbon (a $2.75 value!) on me at the bar!
2. New Member - Crystal
3. Mark Hall the bartender is conducting a raffle that will ultimately benefit the look of upstairs
i. Consider buying 1 for $10 or 3 for $20 – for the chance to win gift cards to Marathon Sports!
4 We’ll be continuing the (Unofficial) Sunday Long Runs for 2 more weeks - & we have supplies!, Do your desired miles...
i. 4/22 – Swains/Farm – 15 – meet at Brueggars @ 8am
ii. 4/29 – Spot – 9.4 – meet @ Stone Zoo @ 8am
5. PR’s
i. THUY – Amazingly, Thuy Dang got a PR at the sloppy Boston Marathon!
ii. Andrea Jorjorian Twomey got a PR at the Love Blooms 5K
iii. Lynda Field and David Penn both got PRs at the Wild Clover 5Miler
iv. Freddi Lynne Triback got a PR at the Merrimack River 10M Trail Race
v. Nick Kollett (again!) got a PR at the Newport Half Marathon
vi. Zelia Magliozzi, Chris Bigler and Andy Nickerson all got PRs at the BAA 5K
6 Continuation of the Summer Route
7. Walk To Run begins in 1 week – April 24th - Nick will need volunteers for sure!
8. Mother’s Day Race – see Katie Sinnott if interested in volunteering, etc.
9. Upcoming May races
i. Melrose Run For Women
ii. Boston’s Run To Remember
iii. Providence Marathon
iv. Breakheart Classic - this coming weekend
v. Vermont City Marathon
10. Spring Adopt A Site Clean Up – see Alastair James Drummond if you’d like to help
11. MRC VIP – (Coach) Michael Urquiola – who’s the new VIP?
a. this will default to next week
12. Boston Marathon Runners were announced - congrats to all of you!

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