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MRC Tuesday (4/3) Announcements ICYMI &
The 1st in a weekly contest series:
"Do You Know Your Fellow MRC Members?"

Announcements for 4/3/18:
1. "Do You Know Your Fellow MRC Members?”
You’ll win the adulation of the Club!
b. Here we go….
c. This member:
i. Graduated Andover High in 1997
ii. Will be running in the upcoming Big Sur Marathon
iii. Worked on a catamaran for 2 years
d. Who is it??
2. The Sunday Long Run Winter Session continues this Sunday, 4/8 – Spot Pond 12.5
a. I’ll be continuing the (Unofficial) Sunday Long Runs until my marathon in Providence for 3 weeks beyond the end of the 2018 Winter SLR (official) Season; Join if you’d like, I may have access to leftover supplies (we’ll update on this), and do your desired miles
i. 4/15 – Plum Island (20) – meet @ Saugus Target @ 7:15am to consolidate cars
ii. 4/22 – Swains/Farm – 15 – meet at Brueggars @ 8am
iii. 4/29 – Spot – 9.4 – meet @ Stone Zoo @ 8am
3. PR’s
a. Kelley Zepf at the TI 10Miler in Manchester, NH
4. Switch to Summer Route was…last night! – April 3rd
5. Boston Marathon – some members of the MRC usually gathers at miles 20 – see FB posts for more details
6. Walk To Run begins in 3 weeks – April 24th
7. Mother’s Day Race – next meeting is 4/10
a. See Liz to volunteer
8. Races in April to plan for:
a. Look on the MRC site for Andy’s posts
9. New MRC VIP – (Coach) Mike Urquiola!

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