Posted by Dan Slattery on April 02, 2018 at 15:41:

Andy Nagelin, Diarmuid Cahill, Liz Tassinari, Dan Slattery, Charles Brinkman, Nick Lamberti, Lesley Moss, Matt Sazama, Lisa Tysall, Jim Carson

1. Boston Marathon 2018 Purple Ribbon for Jeff (Mike Sikkema)
a. This has traction, and Lisa has agreed to order 2 dozen at an agreed price
2. Community Calendar Discussion
i. Look What’s Happening Melrose
1. We’ll tap into this good source of info sharing
2. I’m cc’ing Julie Galvin here (Jim Carson, can you add her to the Board email? Thanks!)
a. Julie, interested in your thoughts on how to maximize this…
3. By Laws Final Update
a. Nick will be sending out an email soon on final notes (term limits, etc.) and meeting date options to the Sub Committee
4. Apparel Update
a. Lisa Tysall showed some of the physical samples from the web site
i. It was determined a better quality could be found elsewhere
b. Lisa showed the hat sample, and provided a good suggestion for new member gifts
i. MRC sneaker laces
5. Mother’s Day Race
a. PR efforts ahead
i. Julie, with your busy (campaign) schedule this month, please let us know how we can help
6. Walk To Run
a. April 24th
b. Promotion via web site and FB upcoming
i. Nick, will you be posting?

7. PayPal Account
a. All set

8. Meeting with Mayor Gail Inferna
a. Melrose Access TV
i. Will call Mike there to discuss show and possible promo video for Club
b. Ell Pond Clean Up
i. Happens in October
1. We can wait until August to revisit
c. Memorial Day Parade
i. Will contact the Mayor’s office
1. Need a few volunteers and a banner
d. Birth To 5 Group
i. This was well received
ii. I might lean on Charles here to see how this can manifest itself
e. There were other topics, but the ones now listed have taken priority

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