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After my spinal fusion, my doctor told me to come back and see him in six weeks. He reminded me of something that I had heard many times in my

post-athletic injury-related life: the human body can make significant changes in six weeks. Use the next six weeks to change your body so you will be able to respect the marathon distance.

In 1989, a friend of mine was preparing to take part in the Race Across America (RAAM). RAAM is a three thousand mile bicycle race from one side of

the United States to the other. It is held each year in August. My friend, Nancy Raposo, had completed the race in 1988 but she had a disastrous time

finishing. While her training had gone very well, her nutrition, bicycle speed, and sleep deprivation problems during the race all contributed to a 13-

plus day “Tour De Hell.”

She decided to regroup with a more scientific approach to her training and much more focus in her lifestyle. Before she did anything, and I mean

virtually everything, she asked herself this question: Will this make my next RAAM easier or harder? This could be not going to a movie (a late showing,

thereby cutting into her training time), not spending idle time with cycle friends (there is fundraising and training to be done) or just plain eating an

extra cookie. All of this added up to a very successful race: she won the race. Nancy peddled three thousand miles in ten days, ten hours and six

minutes. The bottom line: focus, because it pays off.

You have six weeks to sharpen your training. Take stock of you fitness level and decide if you need to work on your speed or your endurance, or both

(be careful about doing both at the same time). Think about your rest and recovery time: are you getting enough? Is your nutrition plan on track to

nourish you, and not provided you with the building blocks for extra fat cells that you don’t need? Do you really need that second beer or any of those

cookies? You have six weeks; you can make a difference in your fitness level. Use this time wisely, you won’t get a second chance.

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By Rick Collette

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