Posted by Don Keren on March 30, 2017 at 11:15:

In case you missed it...
PRs for Robert Busby and Mike Sikkema
Next Race of the Month is Saturday, the April Fools 4 mile race, see the posting on the MRC Website.
Walk to Run begins April 25th, tell your friends!
Next week is First Tuesday. That mean Pizza and a donation to the Melrose Food Pantry. The donation is Hand Soap next week.
We will be announcing the logistics for those that want to go to view the Boston Marathon and cheer for our MRC members. Stay tuned.
Again if any of you out there want to help or take charge in some MRC events let me know, we have a shortage of responsible people (publishing related skills would be really helpful but definitely not necessary.)
Stay tuned for the arrival of the spiffy MRC Tent, it has been ordered and will be seen soon at a race or Sunday run near you!
Next week we begin running the summer route!

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