Workout 05-05

It is going to be cool and drizzly, so lets do something that is pretty continuous.

100 meter rest between everything.

2X1600@ LT

2×1200 @ LT-2

1×800 @ (10k, 5k)

We’ll discuss options for those new to workouts, probably about 1/2 the workout would be appropriate.

LT = Lactate Threshold or your race pace for a 1 hour race, typically about 10-15 seconds a mile slower than your 10k pace.

LT-2 = runĀ 2 seconds faster per 400 than your LT pace, so if LT is 8 minute per mile, and your 400 splits are 2:00, LT-2 would be 1:58 or (7:52 per mile pace)

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