First Workout 2015

This is not just for the fast people, this is not just for people who are “serious”.  This is just the next step to improve your running.  You have maybe added long runs, entered a few races, and aren’t sure how to get faster.  I don’t care if your running 15 min or 30 min for 5k, changing speed and improving your form can help you get faster and be a better more efficient runner.

This Thursday will be our first official track workout of the year, at 6:30 pm at Pine Banks park.

For those of you who are new to track workouts, the principal is simple, if you want to run faster you have to train faster.

Please don’t be intimidated, ideally you should be running at least 20 miles a week, but even this is not essential.  The only firm requirement is you want to get faster, and are coming with the intention of racing faster times.

Over the weeks you’ll hear me use terms like V02Max, Tempo, Repetition, Running Economy, but for now don’t worry about that, just show up.  The workouts are tailored to your speed and fitness level.  I promise I won’t ask you to do more than you’re ready for.


You should have a recent 5k or similar race distance time and know what your weekly mileage is.


If you’ve never come to a workout before please read my post from 2013 about track etiquette and terminology.


Here is the workout.

For those who ran the Boston Marathon, you’re only welcome as an honored guest.  You should hold off doing speed work for at least a few weeks.

For later marathons, like VCM there is still some time to add some cautious speed.  They should be at least 4-6 weeks away.


We’ll all begin together with

  • Warm up 15 -20 minutes, this is slower than your regular pace, think very slow and easy.
  • 6X100 strides, these promote good running economy.

Then we’ll split into two groups:

For those who have been to our workouts before and are doing more than 20 miles per week.

  • 4X800 @ LT (60 sec recovery, 100m)
  • 4-6X400 @5K (200m recovery)
  • Cool down 15 minutes.


For those who are doing less than 20 miles per week or are new to track workouts.

  • 8X200 @ running negative splits 200 walk jog recovery.
  • Cool down 15 min

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