Workout 07-24

It is a little cooler tonight, so we’ll take the opportunity to do some tempo paced stuff, and perhaps get away from the track a little bit.

These are great workouts especially if you’re racing between 10k-1/2 Marathon.

Warm up and strides per usual.

They we’ll start with 800 on the track at your LT pace or perhaps a second or two slower per lap, this will get you to lock in your pace.  Then we’ll leave the track and head around Pine banks counter clockwise at the same pace.   If you run more than 30 miles a week you should be able to maintain 1×20 minutes at this pace.  If you run less than 30 miles per week try for 2×8 minutes with a 90 second jog in between.

When the 20 minutes is up, slow down jog, you’re doing your warm down.

I’ll be on my bike along side, cajoling and annoying in equal measure.


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