Workout 06-05

4X800 @ 10k pace 200 Rest

4×600 @ 5k pace 200 Rest


For those of you running in the Mile relay, you might want to drop 2 of the 600’s and instead do

400, 200, 200 all at mile race pace to get a feel for what mile pace feels like.

Volume will be adjusted based on current fitness and mileage.  Typically you don’t want to do more than 10% of your weekly mileage in any one track workout (just the interval portion).  The above volume is about 3.5 miles of intervals so is appropriate for those running 30-40 miles a week.  For those running less and or new to track workouts we’d lower the volume.  For those with higher volume more  is appropriate.

A good rule of thumb is you should feel like you can do one more interval, but probably not 2-3 more at the end of the workout.

Insperation this week comes courtesy of Chris Solinsky who set the American Record in the 10k in 2010 in a very unexpected performance.


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