Workout 4-17

Group A:
For those running more than 25 miles a week, and or are experienced competitive runners. Target 10% of your weekly mileage for the interval portion so 3 for people doing 30 miles a week, 5 for people doing 45-50 miles a week.

15-20 minute warm up
4-5 x 1200 @ LT (60 second rest)

2-3 min rest then

1×800 (first 400 @10k pace, second 400 @ 5k pace)

15-20 minute warmdown

Group B:
For those that run less than 30 miles a week or are brand new to doing track workouts.

15 Min warmup
4-6 Strides




15 Min Warmdown

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  1. Joe Winslow says:

    Can’t make it tonight. Hopefully next week w/ Sarah.