Workout 6-20

I’m on vacation the next two weeks, and won’t be present.  I’ll post two workouts for the weeks I’m absent, and hopefully some of you will gather to do it or do it on your own.

This week, most people are racing the 26 x 1 mile marathon relay on Saturday.  I would probably lighten you workload this week, or skip it all together if you want the best performance possible.  I like to have two days after a track workout before a race, but we could do some LT work without excessively affecting Saturday’s race.  It is important that you stay in control and not exceed the workload and pace for your current fitness.  I want you to finish feeling like you could have done more.


15-20 minute warm up

6 x 100 strides

2-4 x 1600 @ LT 1 minute rest between intervals (100 m very slow jog is about right)

400 meter rest then

Then this is mostly just to dial in your mile race pace.  (you can skip it if you’re fatigued from above work)

4 x 200 @ mile pace (200 m rest between each, full recovery)

15-20 minute warm down (or more)


As for volume I’d do one less than your mileage would indicate.

50 Miles a week 4 X 1600

40 Miles a week 3 X 1600

30 Miles a week 2 X 1600


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