Workout 06-13

This week we’ll tailor or workout to those racing the mile next week.  The rule of thumb is you can get some benefit from a workout if it is 8-10 days away from an event.  If you’re not racing the mile, we have something for you also.

Beginners will get a modified Miler workout, the same just less volume.

If you have to get angry to maintain the pace, then your workout is done.


15-20 Minute warm up

6 X 100 Strides


Please know what your intended mile pace is, see my previous post for instructions on how to figure that out.

4 X 400 @ Mile pace

4 X 200 @ Mile pace -1 second per 200 (this is only slightly faster)

Recovery equal to the length of the interval.  400 after a 400, 200 after a 200.


Road Racers:

3-5 x (1200@10k pace, 400@5k pace)  200 recovery after 1200, 400 recovery after the 400



Warm down 15-20 minutes

6 Responses to “Workout 06-13”

  1. Leon Romprey says:

    I’m in.

  2. Joe Winslow says:

    I’m in.

  3. Dorota Bulik says:

    I’m in.

  4. Jennifer Rapaport says:

    I really like the miler workout (400s/200s are my favorite) but I have to miss this week as I will be racing in Hollis NH Thursday night in the pouring rain! Have a good one everyone.

  5. Ed Bradford says:

    Sounds fun – I’m in.

  6. Sue worrall says:

    If I make it back from canandaigua in time I’ll be there