Workout 5-23

15-20 minute warmup

6 X 100 Strides

Group A: People who average more than 30 miles per week, or are experienced competitive runners

3-5 X 1200 @ 10k pace.  400 rest after the 1200.

After those, 400 rest then

1 X 800 (1st 400 @ 5k pace, 2nd 400 @ 3k pace)

Target 8-10% of your weekly mileage.

For people doing 30 miles per week: 3×1200+ 1 x 800

For people doing 40 miles per week: 4X(1200) + 1 x 800

For people doing 50 miles per week: 5X(1200) + 1 x 800

10 pace is about 4 seconds a lap slower than 5k and 4 seconds a lap faster than LT.

3k pace is 3-4 seconds a lap faster than 5k pace.


Group B: People who average less than 30 miles per week.

This group we will do one more week at repetition pace, then we’re going to move to interval pace.  This gets a bit harder because the recovery time is less, but the pace is slower.

3 x 400 @3k pace equal distance recovery

3 x 200 @mile pace


15-20 minute warm down

5 Responses to “Workout 5-23”

  1. Larry Donoghue says:

    Mike: Will miss this week. Have to pick my daughter up at the airport. See you next week. Larry

  2. Leon Romprey says:

    I’ll try this on my own this week. Next week I’ll be able to make it.

  3. Jennifer Rapaport says:

    I will be there trying to do it as a VDOT 51 workout with 4 1200’s. Ed, if you are coming this is what I will be targeting. Even though this will be all out for me, it will likely hold you back as is the usual goal:-) See everyone tomorrow night!

    4 X 1200M @ 6:32 pace- (98/49)
    400 jog rest after each 1200M
    1 X 800M as:
    400M @ 6:20 pace – 95/47.5
    400M @ 6:08 pace – 92/46

  4. Dorota Bulik says:

    Count me in, rain or shine. This gets kinda addictive

  5. Ed Bradford says:

    I’m in. Thanks for doing all the calcs Jen – now I can just run with no math required.