All of long distance running begins with a sustained period of easy aerobic running. Building a solid aerobic base can take years. If you’re early in your running career. The two most important things are:

1) Put your shoes on.
2) Get out the door.

Most of our track athletes are in need of an additional aerobic base.

Before the next workout.

For those running less than 30 miles a week.  We need to get your mileage and consistency up before track workouts will have the  desired effect.

Run one additional day next week that you usually don’t run for at least 35 easy minutes.  When I say easy I mean very easy, as slow as you can tolerate.

For everyone, during one of your easy runs.  Do 6-8 strides in the middle of an easy run, distance and pace don’t matter.  Focus on form, by the end of the stride your arms should be pumping high so you can see your fists, you should be up on your toes like a sprinter.

For inspiration on what your form should look like, watch Lauren Fleshman accelerate from 500M out, in a 5k race.

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  1. Sue Worrall says:

    Mike, I feel like an elite athlete with my own coach, thanks!