Apr 20            2020   
Invitational Number

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E-mail Address :
MRC Member Name :
How long have you been an active MRC member*? Years
Are you currently a board member of the club? Yes  No
Have you received a BAA number from MRC
for any of the past 3 Boston Marathons?
Yes  No
Are your MRC membership dues paid up to date? Yes  No

As a member of the Melrose Running Club
I have volunteered for at least 2 of the following MRC Sponsored events in 2019:
(Please check applicable events)
Participation in either the MRFW or the AOMH is mandatory!
Melrose Run For Women
Assault on Mt Hood
Walk To Run Program
Relay Coordination (Mill Cities)
MRC Victorian Fair Booth, EMARC Race
Other Event(s) (please specify)

Briefly, explain why you would like to represent the MRC at the Boston Marathon?

* Consectutive years to date. Do not count years prior to a lapse in membership.